Eat Well to Be Well

Eat WellYou might feel like you’re in a dilemma about what to eat, what to serve your family, what’s healthy, what’s not-you might even think you know the answer, but figure it’s just too difficult (or expensive). However, you also know that you have to do something for the health of your family. Well, the time is now!

The key to changing your dietary habits is, to begin with the basics. Start where you are today and take steps towards improving the food that you bring into your home. Don’t get in a panic, don’t worry about making drastic changes that you don’t want to make, don’t worry about every little thing you put in your mouth. If you do, you’ll never begin the change!

Creating a healthy life is a process. Look at what you usually eat now, what foods you like that are healthier, and what changes in your diet you’re willing to make today. We know most of us were raised on meat and potatoes – with gravy, of course – canned or frozen vegetables, biscuits perhaps, and dessert – cakes, pies, and cookies. Well, don’t blame your parents. The truth of the matter is that it was once considered a “healthy” diet. However, that was a long time ago, and for different health challenges than those we face today.

You need to take steps in the “Healthy Life” process to reach your goals. Get the blueprint right, learn what food means to your body, and your health. Changing your ways to become healthier is a lot simpler than changing your ways to accommodate sickness and dis-ease.

Everyone’s ready for health. No one is ready for dis-ease. You have to plan to get healthy and stay healthy – and you have to stick to your plan.

Recently the CDC conducted a survey of over 356,000 men and women to learn whether they were eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables and getting enough exercise. Only 1 in 7 were actually doing that, 16.6% women, and 12.4% men. No wonder our health is suffering.

If you can’t watch the documentary yet, at least watch the trailer! I know it might seem scary to put our health care system in the hands of our government, but it’s even scarier to leave it in the hands of greedy corporate giants!

U.S. health care is rated 37th in the world… just above Slovenia!

In fact, Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Causing 225,000 Deaths Every Year.

  • 15,000 — unneeded surgery
  • 90,000 — infections in hospitals
  • 9,000 — medication errors in hospitals
  • 18,000 — other errors in hospitals
  • 109,000 — non-error, harmful reactions of drugs

Prevention is key to a long, healthy, happy life! But beyond that, living a healthy lifestyle also can improve your current health situation. It’s puzzling to me that a doctor will put a patient on some medication when counseling that same person on how to live a healthy lifestyle would do more than the meds ever could!

Why Do Natural and Organic Foods Cost More?

I have one thing to say about that. The demand is not high enough. The fewer people that insist on natural and organic foods, the more it will cost. It’s that simple. Supply and demand.

The more of us that demand quality foods, the more the price will come down. So, if you can afford it, or even if you’re willing to sacrifice somewhere else for it, do so. You’re actually helping everyone else by buying natural and organic foods!

Natural and Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Start your morning with something healthy that contains hot red pepper, cayenne, or jalapenos.

Why? These hotties contain capsaicin, which curbs your appetite throughout the day. The capsaicin actually blocks the hunger message from getting to your brain, and you eat less because you’re not as hungry.

If you eat it first thing in the morning, such as in an omelet, you’ll be less hungry all day, naturally!

And, if you’re wondering about the eggs that I mentioned above, did you know that they really aren’t a high cholesterol culprit? In a recent 6-week study, where participants ate 2 eggs every day, there was absolutely no change in total cholesterol level. And eggs are quite nutritious.

Participants in a recent study who included grapefruit to their daily diet lost about 3.5 lbs within a 12-week period. More study is required to verify the connection, but scientists feel the effect may be due to the fruit’s ability to lower insulin levels and thus help the body to process energy more efficiently.

Eat a small handful of nuts 20 or so minutes before a meal to curb your appetite. Eating good nutrition such as walnuts, almonds, and peanuts stimulate your body’s production of HGH and cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone which messages your brain you’ve had enough to eat. Slowing the emptying of your stomach will also keep you feeling full.