The Best Desktop Nutrition Software At Your Fingertips

If you’ve ever been involved in a weight loss program, the one thing you probably hated was planning healthy meals, not knowing the exact nutritional value of whole food.

If you don’t know how many calories are in certain foods, then how are you going to plan a low-calorie diet?

A nutrition application or software will help you to manage that purpose.

The best nutrition software could be argued, but we found a program by a company called “Kelpiesoft” that details every nutrient possible that can be found on a food label. If you think this product is not the best thing since sliced bread, please post a comment and share your opinion, or if you’ve found another product that you feel is the best nutrition software, please leave a suggestion.

Have you ever wondered how many calories are in a hamburger or vanilla milkshake? The fat content isn’t marked on the packaging at a fast-food restaurant, which is a contrast from cigarette packaging with mandatory warning labels and graphic pictures of damaged lungs.

The saturated fat in a double cheeseburger is much higher than a whole wheat tuna sandwich, but what about the nutritional details? If you’re concerned about what you eat and want to count calories along with how much protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and sodium in the food you eat, there’s a free software tool available that will give you all this information and more.

It’s called “Foodfile 1” that can be easily downloaded onto your desktop. It calculates all the nutritional value in every food imaginable from baby food to meats, fruits, and even snacks. Fast food is a hot topic since it’s contributed to a huge obesity problem that’s getting out of control.

A large order of fast food french fries, for example, has 539 calories & 28 grams of fat (mostly saturated) that literally sticks to arteries & organs. In our opinion, the best nutrition software should always include fast food since it’s here to stay and a hot topic. People want to know the nutritional values of their favorite fast food (that could change).

The Nutritional Information On A McDonalds Vanilla Triple Thick Shake

A Medium 21 fluid ounce cup has 733 calories, 16 grams of protein, 125 grams of carbohydrates (96 grams sugar!), and 20 grams fat (half that is saturated). This information is very useful if you’re considering a fat loss program. It would take a grueling day in the gym to work off this huge dose of fat and sugar.

Foodfile also has “food facts” like “high sugar content” or “low sodium content.” The values are also displayed on a pie chart, which is nicely color-coded. It also has a list of groups you can choose from like meats, bread & vegetables and filters between low fat, low calorie, and fat-free, for example.

If all you’re looking for is the “folic acid” content, you can sort that out before choosing the food type.